Tokens and Smart-Contracts

Umbrella addresses of tokens and smart-contracts deployed on the blockchain.


Supported Chains

At the moment Umbrella is available on BSC, ETH, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum and Solana.

UMB Token

Umbrella Network's native token is currently deployed on the

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • BSC Mainnet
  • Avalanche C-chain

These are ERC-20 compatible. The UMB token contract address is below:


Umbrella Reward tokens (rUMB#)

Umbrella Network's reward tokens - rUMB# are also ERC-20 compatible.
There is a different reward token for each staking period.
Reward tokens are only available on the blockchains where Staking Portal operates. Currently Ethereum and BNB smart chain.
Reward token contract addresses are:


Contract Registry

Via the registry you can find current addresses of other smart contracts eg:

  • On-chain data
    • UmbrellaFeeds
  • Layer-2 data
    • Chain (most important one from developer perspective)
    • StakingBank


Contract Registry on BSC (homechain)

  • BSC - sandbox testnet - 0xE1cDcE9A678E84Aa73d3266176C6E11b3eDc4f67
  • BSC Mainnet 0xb2C6c4162c0d2B6963C62A9133331b4D0359AA34


Contract Registry on ETHEREUM (foreign chain)

  • ETH Goerli - sandbox testnet - 0x77922965C12bD55d6BA71b0c87E68D9F04a919Ba
  • ETH Mainnet 0x41a75b8504fdac22b2152b5cfcdaae01ff50947e


Contract Registry on POLYGON (foreign chain)

  • Mumbai - sandbox testnet - 0x29A5f90DBe54A11d37b0b18573fF853c7dc5433B
  • Polygon Mainnet 0x455acbbC2c15c086978083968a69B2e7E4d38d34


Contract Registry on AVALANCHE (foreign chain)

  • Testnet - sandbox - 0x26fD86791fCE0946E8D8c685446Dd257634a2b28
  • Avax Mainnet 0xDa9A63D77406faa09d265413F4E128B54b5057e0


Contract Registry on ARBITRUM (foreign chain)

  • Testnet - sandbox - 0x65833489170A55374786B97C96e691949C60175a
  • Arbitrum Mainnet 0x4A28406ECE8fFd7A91789738a5ac15DAc44bFa1b


Contract Registry on Solana (foreign chain)

There is no Contract Registry for Solana. You may point to the Chain Address directly.


Contratct Registry on Linea

  • Testnet - sandbox - 0x92010E763d476A732021191562134c488ca92a1F



Chain Address can change over time!

Please keep in mind that we are constantly adding new features to our products, and so occasional updates will need to be made to the contract.

Note: Registry has up to date contract addresses always. So it's safer to get Chain address via Registry. Examples will be included in SDK.

You can use Block Scanners to get the current Chain Smart Contract address by executing the 'getAddressByString' read operation in the Contract Registry Smart Contract with the following value: 'Chain'.

By using the Read Contract tab and the getAddressByString method, you can read the latest address.

For Solana:

Audit Reports

Umbrella Network works with well-known companies for auditing its smart contracts. Below you will find the different reports issues for the Oracle's smart contracts.