Using Umbrella Network NodeJS SDK

Umbrella Network NodeJS SDK includes ContractRegistry, ChainContract, and APIClient for interacting with the Umbrella Network. The package which is open-sourced as canvas on Github also contains encoders and decoders for the leaf data.

SDK source code:

SDK npm package:


SDK versions

For development purposes, DO NOT USE alpha or beta versions. They are released only for development process and they can have bugs and probably will not be working with current production version of our product.

To use the Umbrella NodeJS SDK, install the npm package:

npm install @umb-network/toolbox

SDK Requirements

In order to use Umbrella you need to have:

  1. API token (only for Rollup Data applications)
  2. Blockchain Provider URL


Getting API Token

Please note that you will be required to use an API-key when using the API client.